Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brayden's First hair cut!

My sweet little baby was so trying to ROCK the "mullet" but Mommy could not handle it any more!
What straight fuzzy hair he has!!!
I am trying to concentrate and he is moving all over....but once we did the first buzz he was good! I would put the clippers to his head and he would freeze!
The first lock of hair I buzzed off!!! Makes me kinda sad cause he has had this hair since birth....or most of it! He looks so handsome now though!!!!
Our camera died in the middle of doing his hair so after it charged I took the after pics of his new hair do!!!
He is so precious! This is also his favorite blanket and doggy! He walks around holding the doggy and burping it!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

2010 Vacation to Vegas!

Golfing at Desert Rose...it was so cold that day! BRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! Vegas strip in the background!

My favorite thing about Vegas was the Dolphins!!!
Jake touching a sting ray...yup I was not about to do that! I would swim with Dolphins but never would I touch any type of fish!!!! IDK why I have a phobia about it! I just do....
The M and M store!!!! It was so huge and so much there! I wish I had all of the m and m's they had their at my house...Yummo!
At the water show!
At Tony and Tinas Wedding (Show) It was a lot of fun!
In Vegas!
We went on the New York New York Roller Coaster...It was a blast!
Hoover dam!
A little scared to go over the dam!
On our way to Vegas!
Whelp we made it to six years!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it babe? On our special day we were celebrating our babies first birthday as well. So it made it more difficult to share our anniversary how we normally do... going on a date or a concert or something out of the norm! But let me just say I will never ever stop loving you! No matter what day it is, our anniversary day or a Wednesday, my heart beats for you always! I knew after our first kiss we shared on Dec 4 2002 that you might be the one! And then only a short amount of time passed ( 3 weeks) and you told me you loved me! I remember that first kiss like it was yesterday! Your cute nose rubbing against mine and then you gave me the most soft and romantic kiss I have ever endured! You are such an amazing husband and best friend! But mostly the best Daddy anyone could ever ask for! You are a wonderful provider! No matter what our situation is you always find a way to make it work! Come sunshine or rain you are out there providing for us! I love everything about you...even your love and desire to be out on the golf coarse all the time! LOL...no but seriously I will cherish every moment with you and cant wait to spend eternity with you! Happy 6th Anniversary!
Our third anniversary! ( Couldn't find the first or second anniversary pics....oh well) We look so different now!
Our Sixth anniversary celebrated in Las Vegas!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Labor and Delivery of Brayden Harmon Lee!

My dearest baby boy! I cant begin to tell you how much of a blessing you are in our lives. We found out that we were having a baby June of 2008! You were a very wanted surprise lets just leave it at that! (We will always have the memories at Knolls camping site in the White Mountains! ;) )Through all of the moving down to Arizona City you were ready to be born on Feb 27th of 2009! I went in to labor about 8 am on the morning of the 27th! I thought oh boy I better let your Daddy know so I can have him come home! So I called and he worked until about noon! My contractions kinda stopped so I really wasn't in to much of a hurry but knew that my other labors were super fast and my Dr was up in Gilbert! I did not want to have you in Casa Grande so we made arrangements to go to take your bro and sis to Aunt Mims house while Daddy and I went to the hospital! After about an hour they finally put me into a room when they knew I was in labor! Now I was thinking once they broke my water and put me on "pit" i would have you within an hour or two! Thats how fast my labors before had been! But oh no, you had to take your marry old time!! I was in labor with you for 19 hours! So you now were born on the 28th of February at 11:06 am (a day of sharing cause it is mine and your daddy's 5th wedding anniversary too!) I only had to push a couple times and there you were! Your were a perfect 8 lbs. 11 oz. and 21.7 inch long! I think all of the world was in the room while you were born! Every second was so beautiful! I would do it a billions times over! Daddy and I love you so much and everything you are and everything you will become! You are such a beautiful spirit and so loving and calm! We need a little calm in our household with your older brother around! LOL! Brayden we all love you and are so Happy you had a Happy first birthday! I am so excited to celebrate your life and so happy you are with us! With much love, your Mommy, Daddy, Aubree, and Gunner!
Getting a little catty!
Ok I am feeling the pain! Bring on the epidural! I actually was so afraid of getting the epidural this time!
This is right after you were born.You just took your first breath! What a wonderful moment in a mothers life to hear her baby cry for the first time!
You being cleaned off and just as pink as a little piggy! You were not very happy! I think you could have stayed inside of me forever if you had it your way! You were very comfy in the womb!
Gunner and Brayden's first meeting! Let me just say Gunner was not fond of you at first! It took him some time to warm up to you! And to see mommy so swollen and hooked up to the machines scared him a little!
Aubree and Brays first meeting! She is so in love with you and loves little babies! She gets that from your Mommy! How she loves you so! She could not wait for you to be home!
Your very first bath!
Mommy and Brayden having some alone time after our long labor and delivery!
Big Sis and Big brother trying to help keep the binki in!
Look how tiny you are! Gunner boy sure is so proud to have a baby brother! At first he didnt know what to think but when you came home with us he just couldn't let you be for two seconds! Such a protective big brother!
Giving Daddy the Lee nose sucking!
Such and Angel! I love you sweetie!

Brayden's First Birthday Party!

Brayden Playing with his new toys! He loves all of them...especially this cool helicopter!
The clean up was lots of fun!!! The bath water turned purple!!! And it stained the high chair! ;)
Yummy! He dove right in!
Ok so I ordered his birthday cake at good ol' Wally World about 3 weeks ago! I had everything written on their form. His name, the colors and what I wanted written on the cake! They got the border color wrong, it was suppose to be blue! Cause you know he is boy right! Then they spelt his name wrong...so I magically used my skills and changed it to Brayden! Not BRAIDEN! Silly people who don't know how to read order forms! Oh well I guess in the end color doesn't matter or how it is spelt! Cause he enjoyed it thats for sure!
Well he tried opening his gifts but his older siblings beat him to it!!! It was fun to see him try to open his gifts! Aubree and Gunner had 3/4 of them covered though! They were in it for the toys!!! I love those kids! Brayden got bank for his birthday! 14 shirts and 7 pair of shorts! Thanks to everyone.....he looks so cute in them all!