Monday, March 1, 2010

Brayden's First Birthday Party!

Brayden Playing with his new toys! He loves all of them...especially this cool helicopter!
The clean up was lots of fun!!! The bath water turned purple!!! And it stained the high chair! ;)
Yummy! He dove right in!
Ok so I ordered his birthday cake at good ol' Wally World about 3 weeks ago! I had everything written on their form. His name, the colors and what I wanted written on the cake! They got the border color wrong, it was suppose to be blue! Cause you know he is boy right! Then they spelt his name I magically used my skills and changed it to Brayden! Not BRAIDEN! Silly people who don't know how to read order forms! Oh well I guess in the end color doesn't matter or how it is spelt! Cause he enjoyed it thats for sure!
Well he tried opening his gifts but his older siblings beat him to it!!! It was fun to see him try to open his gifts! Aubree and Gunner had 3/4 of them covered though! They were in it for the toys!!! I love those kids! Brayden got bank for his birthday! 14 shirts and 7 pair of shorts! Thanks to everyone.....he looks so cute in them all!

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