Tuesday, September 7, 2010

As we got back home to Young we settled in fast after the kids Daddy went back to San Antonio Texas for work. We went to my sisters where she has started her own little farm. My kids went crazy there!Gunner leading Bentley! Rockin the flip flops:) Shortly after this he got brand new boots and wranglers. Papa thought he looked to city like for such a small town!
Munchkin on Bently! She loves horses just like her Mommy! One day I will find an amazing horse. Still looking:)
Aubree with Whisky...and no not the drink the kitty:)
Gunner going all out bareback! Helping his is Uncle Greg and Aunt Katie is leading Bentlers!
On our Way back from Pittsburgh!!!! We left on Saturday July 17th in the evening and got into Arizona about 3ish on Monday the 19th. We drove clear to Texas with no "sleeping" stops!! Everyone who had a drivers licence got behind the wheel at least once between Sunday and Monday:) We stayed the night there and got up early on Monday and drove the rest of the way! Our kids were amazing! It seriously was awesome to experience the Pinnacle life. Loved our whole trip and everyone we meet and befriended!Bray man was getting ready to yawn. This was early Monday Morning!
Gunner's Birthday was on Sunday! We took him out to breakfast at a little cafe off the highway! He turned three in Missouri!
Miss Aubree getting so excited to see all of our family!
Jake and Brandon so tired after being awake for over 24 hrs!
Brandon givin us some loves!
And then there is me. Jake was making a joke so I look a little weired! Or I dont have my fake smile on as Jake would call it :)