Sunday, December 4, 2011

HHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOO! We are sill alive! LOL its been a very long time since I have updated. ( Dec. 2010 we had a great Christmas with our friends B and D and Jay man! And Stef, Just and Dyson! Shortly before Christmas ( 2 days before) Aubree was in the ER two days in a row! She had the super bad flu :( She recovered and was doing great come Christmas Morning! The year 2011 was suppose to be an amazing year so I thought! :/ We started the year off with Jake hurting his neck and back at work. Jan. 5 to be exact! With all of the Dr appointments at the beginning time flew so fast. Before we knew it we had moved to Oracle, AZ in March 2011 and moved into our own little place with over an acre of land. Things were pretty good for about two weeks. Then one morning at 5 Am my older brother called and told me our Mom had a heart Attack. We rushed to the hospital in North Scottsdale to find it was way worse than what any of us had anticipated! The Dr.'s were surprised she was alive and lived through her massive heart attack. She lost about 45% of her hearts proper function :( But that doesn't mean she cant love cause let me tell you what, she still puts others before her! Amazing woman she is! ( As I am writing this she is living her life in Vegas Right now on a vacation. So she is doing great these days! So about one week after moms heart attack I was awakened by Jacob and he was having severe chest pains and sweating. I am thinking he is having a heart attack!!!! :'( We decide to c all the ambulance and he is taken to the hospital. I meet him there once I get someone to watch the kids. My emotions were going insane at this point. I get there and he is just fine. No heart attack but they were thinking it was a panic/ anxiety attack with everything that has happened in the past few months! So we get him home and about a week later the same thing is happening. So we take him to the er again and we get a Dr. and he gets on some medicine to help control the attacks. Which for the most part works! April we also had a camp out for the Smith family! Lets just say it was very interesting and sad because their was a huge family feud that for some is still going on :(May was a good month! Aubree graduated from Kindergarten! And yes I cried!!! We got a new pet too...Princess Lilly Lee ( Yellow belly turtle) Summer was pretty hot here in the high desert! But pretty good! We spent 4th of July with our good friends Kelly and Clinton Lee and Jessica and Garrett Pierce. In August we had a big party for the kids ( Gunner4, and Aubree 6) Mom and Dad came down along with Ron and Shari! My Nana and Papo. Amy Farnsworth and baby Mikayla. Cheryl and her two kids! Sarah and Melissa Haught. Kellie and Clinton Lee! And Jody and Richard Gillies! It was a great party and it was HOT in our house :( No thanks to our awesome Cooling system! anyways Sept. was pretty layed back. Aubree started First grade! She loves her teacher and missed school, A LOT! Oct was pretty crazy we had finally heard from workman comp at the end of Sept. about Jacob's neck (which through all of these months we have been fighting them on getting him fixed) He got Surgery on Oct 12! YAY! He recovered pretty fast. Still cant do the normal stuff yet but he feels no pain other than a small amount of numbness in his pointer finger. Right before his surgery we found out about 3 weeks before hand that we were pregnant with number 4! and yes it was no mistake!!! So excited and joyful we were! Finally something amazing to look forward to! A week after Jakes surgery I had a routine Dr. Apt. they did the first ultra sound to find nothing in my uterus!!!! WHAT????? The sent me over to get blood work done and to another ultra sound place that had better machines! They found the embryo but was about 2 weeks smaller than what our dates show! So we had to wait 2 more weeks to get another US to see if it had grown. For about a week I was really hopeful as my pregnancy signs were so strong. Then one morning I woke up and started to miscarry. Needless to say 2 weeks later my body still had not passed the embryo and the US said that it was dead. So I decided to get a D n C. As you can tell all at once these surgeries and loss' were a lot to handle. But through my faith and amazing husband and family we survived! Now we just finished an awesome trip up to my Folks in Young for Thanksgiving! What a great time! And we are now anticipating Christmas and a huge change for the year 2012! New job, New place, New state...........That is right we are moving to UTAH!!!!!! Something awesome will happen this year! I feel it! Well that's our up date! Sorry it was a little gloomy........but it was a gloomy year! Ready for the great and new year!......Oh P.S. ON Dec 2 I saw my first live birth of Lincoln Eugene Lee. My sweet new nephew!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth Of JULY!

As the year has flown by and the kids have grown I seem to look back and realize life is so short. I love the time we spend together as a family and so greatful for our freedom and life we live today! Despite the horrible economic crunch we are all facing it always seems to work itself out! I appreciate my hard working husband and three amazing babies! Now that I have not blogged in months I would like to just share with you a picture of our fourth of July this year. (Recently our old computer took a dump so all of my older pics that have yet been posted on my blog are on there still. Once of these days we will get them on a disk :) Hope you all had an amazing 4th of July! God Bless America <3

Monday, January 17, 2011

The kids had a blast! Here is Gunner and Aubree and cousin Rhianna!Brayden and Dyson! They are buddies!
Gunner showing me his muscles!
Aubree trying to go down the pole and Gunner just being Gunner! LOL
Brayden loves the slide...and behind him is cousin Kaitlyn.
Brayden has two nick names. One is Tater cause he loves potatoes and the other is bruiser cause he is always hitting his noggin. He fell off of the kitchen chair into another one and BOOM, a goose egg :( Poor baby was not happy! I was scared thinking he had a concussion. Boys are so tough!This is Miss Aubree ready for her first set of school pictures! they turned out so cute! I was very happy with them!

Aubree, Gunner and Brayden giving brotherly sisterly love! What a Treo!
Whats a day with out a sibling fight. Gunner was hit in the eye by a hot wheels car from Brayden. he got a black and blue eye and was swollen for a couple days!
Ha ha this must be a guy thing cause Jake sleeps like this all the time. His hand is guarding his "goods" Lol He does it all the time too! Like father like son :)
Getting ready to go out with my honey. Went and saw "Life as we know it" Such a good movie!Jake started working for Asarco mines at the beginning of Sept of 2010. Such a blessing to have such good friends. and you know what they say. Its not what you know its who you know! Thank you Kiley for being so good to us! We love you!
Silly family pic....ha ha cant go without one of these. However Gunner was not happy and Brayden had no idea what was going on. He had his milk and was very content!

I wanted a cute new family pic. Nothing to crazy but the kids did not cooperate :/ I hope soon we can get real ones taken!
Brayden loves to were hats! My first baby to just leave it on. He is so handsome.Gunner playing with all his trucks he has collected through his 3 years of life :)
They boys being silly while we are trying to unpack and get things organized in my brothers house.
We didnt dress them the whole day. Aubree was in school and the boys just wanted to play. Mom and dad were busy. So a perfect day for them to just be boys ! :)
Aubree started school on August 13 2010. She started in Young while we stayed with my parents. We knew this year she would have to change schools so we could move to where Jake could go to work. This is grades k thru second. She did Ok at this school. But when you are thrown in a classroom full of first and second graders and just turning 5 was a big jump for her. I think the teacher expected way more out of her that she could give. Which caused a huge amount of tension. She cried and did not want to go to school. But when we moved to Casa Grande and she started at Heartland Ranch she did a complete 180 and has gotten two excellent report cards and is a happy and very smart little girl. Her teacher Mrs. Waltz is an amazing teacher and I appreciate her not giving up on my child. Aubree class in Young
On her first day of school she went up to the kids on the play ground and made friends right away.
Getting ready to leave the house to go to her first day of Kindergarten
Jake helping get Aubree back pack together
Aubree and Mommy getting her pencils ready. She was so nervous and excited. I think I was more scared and sad that my baby was going to start her first day of school. Holy cow where does the time go ? :/
Jake surprised me by coming home from Texas for my birthday! I was so excited. We never spend more than a day or two away from one another. He was in Texas for 3 weeks before I got to see him. I had an extremely hard time with it. But when he came home he decided to stay home and apply for Asarco mines again. Needless to say I was one happy WIFE!Aubree's Birthday in only a week after mine. Before we knew Jake was going to stay home we wanted to have her party while he was home. So we did ours together. She is 5 and mine is a secret :)
Birthday kissed!
Make a wish.....By the way mine came true when Jake decided to stay home.
I love little miss Aubree so much! She is so helpful with her brothers...most days....and is so smart. I know parents always say that but I know she is a little smart whip. She got lots of new clothes and tinker bell toys on her special day!
Ok so this post is just a little are the rest. I have slacked and decided I need to do better. So here is kina a rough estimate of what has gone down in our house hold since we got back from Pitts in July 2010!

Gunner boy turned three as we were driving back from Pittsburgh. When we got home we celebrated his birthday in Young at my parents house! His birthday is in July :)
He got lots of toys including a fire truck and a truck and boat...which is his favorite to this day!

Loving his batman cake! This little boy is so fun to be around....a handful at times but I would not change a thing about him! He is my little man! Jake and I are so proud of him!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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