Sunday, December 4, 2011

HHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOO! We are sill alive! LOL its been a very long time since I have updated. ( Dec. 2010 we had a great Christmas with our friends B and D and Jay man! And Stef, Just and Dyson! Shortly before Christmas ( 2 days before) Aubree was in the ER two days in a row! She had the super bad flu :( She recovered and was doing great come Christmas Morning! The year 2011 was suppose to be an amazing year so I thought! :/ We started the year off with Jake hurting his neck and back at work. Jan. 5 to be exact! With all of the Dr appointments at the beginning time flew so fast. Before we knew it we had moved to Oracle, AZ in March 2011 and moved into our own little place with over an acre of land. Things were pretty good for about two weeks. Then one morning at 5 Am my older brother called and told me our Mom had a heart Attack. We rushed to the hospital in North Scottsdale to find it was way worse than what any of us had anticipated! The Dr.'s were surprised she was alive and lived through her massive heart attack. She lost about 45% of her hearts proper function :( But that doesn't mean she cant love cause let me tell you what, she still puts others before her! Amazing woman she is! ( As I am writing this she is living her life in Vegas Right now on a vacation. So she is doing great these days! So about one week after moms heart attack I was awakened by Jacob and he was having severe chest pains and sweating. I am thinking he is having a heart attack!!!! :'( We decide to c all the ambulance and he is taken to the hospital. I meet him there once I get someone to watch the kids. My emotions were going insane at this point. I get there and he is just fine. No heart attack but they were thinking it was a panic/ anxiety attack with everything that has happened in the past few months! So we get him home and about a week later the same thing is happening. So we take him to the er again and we get a Dr. and he gets on some medicine to help control the attacks. Which for the most part works! April we also had a camp out for the Smith family! Lets just say it was very interesting and sad because their was a huge family feud that for some is still going on :(May was a good month! Aubree graduated from Kindergarten! And yes I cried!!! We got a new pet too...Princess Lilly Lee ( Yellow belly turtle) Summer was pretty hot here in the high desert! But pretty good! We spent 4th of July with our good friends Kelly and Clinton Lee and Jessica and Garrett Pierce. In August we had a big party for the kids ( Gunner4, and Aubree 6) Mom and Dad came down along with Ron and Shari! My Nana and Papo. Amy Farnsworth and baby Mikayla. Cheryl and her two kids! Sarah and Melissa Haught. Kellie and Clinton Lee! And Jody and Richard Gillies! It was a great party and it was HOT in our house :( No thanks to our awesome Cooling system! anyways Sept. was pretty layed back. Aubree started First grade! She loves her teacher and missed school, A LOT! Oct was pretty crazy we had finally heard from workman comp at the end of Sept. about Jacob's neck (which through all of these months we have been fighting them on getting him fixed) He got Surgery on Oct 12! YAY! He recovered pretty fast. Still cant do the normal stuff yet but he feels no pain other than a small amount of numbness in his pointer finger. Right before his surgery we found out about 3 weeks before hand that we were pregnant with number 4! and yes it was no mistake!!! So excited and joyful we were! Finally something amazing to look forward to! A week after Jakes surgery I had a routine Dr. Apt. they did the first ultra sound to find nothing in my uterus!!!! WHAT????? The sent me over to get blood work done and to another ultra sound place that had better machines! They found the embryo but was about 2 weeks smaller than what our dates show! So we had to wait 2 more weeks to get another US to see if it had grown. For about a week I was really hopeful as my pregnancy signs were so strong. Then one morning I woke up and started to miscarry. Needless to say 2 weeks later my body still had not passed the embryo and the US said that it was dead. So I decided to get a D n C. As you can tell all at once these surgeries and loss' were a lot to handle. But through my faith and amazing husband and family we survived! Now we just finished an awesome trip up to my Folks in Young for Thanksgiving! What a great time! And we are now anticipating Christmas and a huge change for the year 2012! New job, New place, New state...........That is right we are moving to UTAH!!!!!! Something awesome will happen this year! I feel it! Well that's our up date! Sorry it was a little gloomy........but it was a gloomy year! Ready for the great and new year!......Oh P.S. ON Dec 2 I saw my first live birth of Lincoln Eugene Lee. My sweet new nephew!!!!

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