Monday, February 15, 2010

Little brother and Big brother! Same age!!!

The top picture is Brayden in the bath robe and the bottom one is of Gunner! They are close in age when these were taken...but two years apart! I think they look so much alike!

Is that me w my hair done and my makeup on? WHAT!!!!!

Yeah so during the week I do not go anywhere unless its a must! So I am in sweats and a big shirt no make up and my hair in a "small" pony! So I felt one day like doing my hair, getting dressed and doing my makeup! All to turn around in a couple of hours and go to bed!!!! How funny is that!

Silly Willies!!!!

Aubree cracked up when she saw her silly took her 5 min to stop laughing! She loves her Daddy and Misses him so much when he is gone to work!

Brayden the HAM!!!!!

Nothing like Daddy's help!

Aubree Mommy and Bray!

Flying the kite! She was so good at it too!

Kite Flying!

This was the first time our kids got to fly kites!!! They had a blast!

Fun times!

Katie and Greg came and had a fun day with us while they visited the desert this past weekend! Gunner loves his Uncle Greg, when they showed up him and Aubree freaked out and went wild with excitement!

What are they doing?

Could it be? No it can't? In fact it is! My 2yr old and 4 yr old are doing my dishes....not just a couple they did all of them and did them well! Thank you babies!

Yummmm! Dinner time!

Here are the babies eating spaghetti! That was a fun clean up x 2!!!

Oh no he didn't!!!!

Here is Clayton AKA Uncle Bubu taking the babies through this ditch of mud....and yes he took my stroller right through! Hughh now finding the time to clean it..... They had fun though!!!

Our little "cousins" adventure!!!!

Brooke was not happy when they started to run....oh well! No one was hurt!
From Left to right: Aubree, Brooke, Brayden, Luke, and Gunner! Taking a walk! They had lots of fun running in the open fields! Looks just like the country back up in there! Minus Pine Trees! Lets say open prairies !
This is Aubree, cousin Brooke and Gunner! We went on a walk behind Uncle Bubu's house! The sunset was so amazing that evening! I love it down here!

Gunner the Ax man!

Gunner got this play chainsaw from my folks and he loves, loves, loves, to pretend he is cutting wood. He says " Mama I gotta go help my Papa Jack cut wood in Papa's National Forest" For those of you who don't know Papa National Forest is my Mom and Dads property they have in Young...anything around it is the Tonto National Forest otherwise known as Granny's National Forest ( My Mom works for the PVRD) So anyways I let him go in our yard the other day and pretend he is cutting up the forest! LOL