Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Brayden Harmon Lee is going to be "ONE" soon! In fact on our 6th anniversary! He is such a sweet natured little boy who tries to keep up with Gunner! He actually has started walking with out holding on to anything! The most steps he has taken are about five and then he gets a little scared! He has two teeth and is trying to cut four more! So hes been a little cranky lately! Brayden loves to dance and sing and play guitar hero with his dad and Uncle Bubba! He is always willing to cuddle and love you! The only words he says right now is Dada! I am so excited to see what this little baby is going to become and let me tell you he is the baby of the family. If one of the kids takes a toy away he will cry and scream till he gets it back or until I pick him up. What a stinker! He knows how to work it! LOL! We love our little baby!

Gunner Morgan Lee!!! Oh boy! This kids is so full of life and energy! He can be a little pistol and so compassionate at the same time! He will clobber knock you out and then come up to you and say i'm sorry Mommy I love you and give you a huge kiss and hug! And minutes later be on to the next crazy thing! He also hates when people cry! He will come and wipe your tears away and you cant help but feel happy when he does that! Gunner is currently working on potty training and saying is alphabet! Neither one he has conquered yet, but its a work in progress! He looks up to his Daddy so much.....He saw his Dad cut some fire wood for my folks back in November and after he got his Christmas gift he decided he was going to take his little chain saw and pretend to cut the couch! What was so cute is he had his stance and hold correct! He watched every move his dad made and copied him! He is so observant! He is a hands on learner! Like his Mom! Gunner is very good at sports and we cannot wait to put him in a little league!

Aubree Jean Lee is our little Ball of Sass! She has got to be one of the smartest 4 year olds I know! She is currently learning how to recognize numbers and her ABC's.....I am trying to get her enrolled into a little preschool here in the next couple of weeks. I hope we can find something thats not going to clean our pocket books! LOL! I also want to put her into a dance class. Or a tumbling class. She might even like Karate!!!! The future is all hers and I know what ever she does she will be great at it! I think though she needs to be a super star cause she has the attitude like one. She needs someone to wait on her all the time! Her new favorite character is Hello Kitty! Pretty much everything she got for Christmas had to do with Hello Kitty! So if you ever think about a Dora gift....scratch that idea...Hello Kitty is the way to go. Just a heads up! All in all miss Aubree is an amazing and gifted little girl!

Well we have had another successful year in the Lee household! A lot has changed. Jake has been working for Dean Douglas for a year now and has moved up on the ladder from Asst. Superintendent to Superintendent! I am so proud of him. Not only is it more of a strenuous job than before but he has to do it away from home! We miss him every moment he is away but I want him to know that he is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love and believe in him every moment! I am so proud of you Jacob! We also are about to celebrate our SIXTH anniversary! Holy Cow...where has the time gone! I am currently a homemaker for our beautiful growing family! Yes I said growing....we are NOT expecting yet, but I am in hopes for a couple little ones to join our family in the future! Not anytime soon though. I do have my hands very full! I love being able to stay at home with my kids and I have a wonderful husband who makes that happen for me! My dreams of being a stay at home mommy have come TRUE! I love every minute of every day! Even though I have moments, its very much a blessing! ( Oh and our kids do not look happy in our Pics we took cause it was so cold out side and the older ones wanted to go run around on the play ground! So no smiles! And very wiggly!)