Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gunner Morgan Lee!!! Oh boy! This kids is so full of life and energy! He can be a little pistol and so compassionate at the same time! He will clobber knock you out and then come up to you and say i'm sorry Mommy I love you and give you a huge kiss and hug! And minutes later be on to the next crazy thing! He also hates when people cry! He will come and wipe your tears away and you cant help but feel happy when he does that! Gunner is currently working on potty training and saying is alphabet! Neither one he has conquered yet, but its a work in progress! He looks up to his Daddy so much.....He saw his Dad cut some fire wood for my folks back in November and after he got his Christmas gift he decided he was going to take his little chain saw and pretend to cut the couch! What was so cute is he had his stance and hold correct! He watched every move his dad made and copied him! He is so observant! He is a hands on learner! Like his Mom! Gunner is very good at sports and we cannot wait to put him in a little league!

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