Friday, January 22, 2010

Brayden is walking really good now! He is standing up without holding on to anything! He gets scared when the older two get a little rowdy cause his balance isnt that great! But he is getting there!!! My baby is going to be one in Feb!!!! Man where did the time go?
Jake and Justin trying to give each other purple nurples!!!!! OUCH!
He loves his Daddy so much!!!!!!!
Here is Miss sassafras! She has been in a mood lately and most of the time I just laugh cause she does the darnedest things! Let me go back about two weeks ago! We were up at my parents house for a couple weeks so Jake just met us there and we spent the weekend there! We were in the living room watching a movie and Aubree was in the potty doing her business and all the sudden I thought I heard the baby crying....well it was Aubree in the bathroom singing her little heart out!!!! OMGOSH! She sang seriously for 10 min in there! I think she liked the sound of her voice echoing! She finally came out and we have it on Jakes phone, her singing and walking out of the bathroom with an audience! She was singing "So you had a bad day!" When she opened that door and saw Jake and I standing there she was so embarrassed and said stop that! Turned back around into the bathroom and slammed the door! We finally got her out and she was still so beat red and embarrassed! I love that girl so much!
Me and my fabulous sister in law! Love her bunches!
Here is Aubree, Dyson and Gunner! We went over to hang out with them on Tues! We had lots of fun! Its been way to long since we hung out with Justin and Stef! Stef, Aubree and I went out shopping and ended going to a second hand baby store and I scored an almost brand new big boy car seat for Brayden....I saved us about $150.00! Although we have not gone anywhere in it he loves it! All the boys stayed at Justins house and played! Thanks boys for the little break! Although it was only like an hour or two it was nice! Later on we went to eat at the Cheese cake Factory! Let me just say it totally beats the Olive Garden 100 times! I love it there! So did the kids! Then as we left the restaurant we walk outside and it is pouring rain!!! And pretty much since then we have gotten nothing but rain!
Oh this boy has gotten into so much trouble this week! I finally had the time to take a picture of one of his doings!! First he gets into the fridge and takes out a stick of butter and sneaks it to their room! He then smears it all over the play kitchen we have for the kids and all of the pots and pans. Let me tell you that butter is not easy to clean off of plastic! I was so frustrated! As I was cleaning that up he got into Aubree's new tracing Crayola thing that her Granny and Papa gave her! He took the washable marker and colored all over the wall and on himself...which is what the pic is of! Then about two days later the sinker decides while I'm in the laundry room folding clothes he would take a permanent marker, which I have all of them way up high so how he got it I am not sure, and drew all over our new flat screen tv and on the Love Sac that I am so proud of!!!! Remind u this is permanent marker!!! So I first started with the TV.....Took me 30 min to scrub it gently off the TV!!! There is still a little in the small crevices that I cant get to. I am hoping in time after so many cleanings it will come off. As far as the love sac goes I took my trusty dawn soap and a toothbrush and went all the way around the 6 ft love sac and scrubbed for an hour....then let the dawn soap do its magic. I was not for sure if it would even touch the permanent green marker but it started breaking it down as I was scrubbing. So I had hopes that it would come out! I put it in the wash the next morning and there is only one spot on it that has a slight amount of green. You wouldn't even notice it unless we told you! So Gunner boy has been into so much this week! I am ready for sunshine so I can send that boy outside to play!!!
All three of our kids sitting at their new table we got them!!!! They love it! Brayden has to have someone standing near just in case he leans to one side! That would not be very fun to fall from that high!
This morning I let Brayden take a shower with me and as I was shaving he put his hand right where I was putting the shaver and got his little finger.....the cut inst big but those of you who have ever been cute while shaving know that its a never ending flow of blood! So we got out and dressed then bandaged him up! he is trying to point to his boo boo! The bandage didn't last very long!!!!