Friday, January 22, 2010

Here is Miss sassafras! She has been in a mood lately and most of the time I just laugh cause she does the darnedest things! Let me go back about two weeks ago! We were up at my parents house for a couple weeks so Jake just met us there and we spent the weekend there! We were in the living room watching a movie and Aubree was in the potty doing her business and all the sudden I thought I heard the baby crying....well it was Aubree in the bathroom singing her little heart out!!!! OMGOSH! She sang seriously for 10 min in there! I think she liked the sound of her voice echoing! She finally came out and we have it on Jakes phone, her singing and walking out of the bathroom with an audience! She was singing "So you had a bad day!" When she opened that door and saw Jake and I standing there she was so embarrassed and said stop that! Turned back around into the bathroom and slammed the door! We finally got her out and she was still so beat red and embarrassed! I love that girl so much!

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