Friday, January 22, 2010

Here is Aubree, Dyson and Gunner! We went over to hang out with them on Tues! We had lots of fun! Its been way to long since we hung out with Justin and Stef! Stef, Aubree and I went out shopping and ended going to a second hand baby store and I scored an almost brand new big boy car seat for Brayden....I saved us about $150.00! Although we have not gone anywhere in it he loves it! All the boys stayed at Justins house and played! Thanks boys for the little break! Although it was only like an hour or two it was nice! Later on we went to eat at the Cheese cake Factory! Let me just say it totally beats the Olive Garden 100 times! I love it there! So did the kids! Then as we left the restaurant we walk outside and it is pouring rain!!! And pretty much since then we have gotten nothing but rain!

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