Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh this boy has gotten into so much trouble this week! I finally had the time to take a picture of one of his doings!! First he gets into the fridge and takes out a stick of butter and sneaks it to their room! He then smears it all over the play kitchen we have for the kids and all of the pots and pans. Let me tell you that butter is not easy to clean off of plastic! I was so frustrated! As I was cleaning that up he got into Aubree's new tracing Crayola thing that her Granny and Papa gave her! He took the washable marker and colored all over the wall and on himself...which is what the pic is of! Then about two days later the sinker decides while I'm in the laundry room folding clothes he would take a permanent marker, which I have all of them way up high so how he got it I am not sure, and drew all over our new flat screen tv and on the Love Sac that I am so proud of!!!! Remind u this is permanent marker!!! So I first started with the TV.....Took me 30 min to scrub it gently off the TV!!! There is still a little in the small crevices that I cant get to. I am hoping in time after so many cleanings it will come off. As far as the love sac goes I took my trusty dawn soap and a toothbrush and went all the way around the 6 ft love sac and scrubbed for an hour....then let the dawn soap do its magic. I was not for sure if it would even touch the permanent green marker but it started breaking it down as I was scrubbing. So I had hopes that it would come out! I put it in the wash the next morning and there is only one spot on it that has a slight amount of green. You wouldn't even notice it unless we told you! So Gunner boy has been into so much this week! I am ready for sunshine so I can send that boy outside to play!!!

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