Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Brayden Harmon Lee is going to be "ONE" soon! In fact on our 6th anniversary! He is such a sweet natured little boy who tries to keep up with Gunner! He actually has started walking with out holding on to anything! The most steps he has taken are about five and then he gets a little scared! He has two teeth and is trying to cut four more! So hes been a little cranky lately! Brayden loves to dance and sing and play guitar hero with his dad and Uncle Bubba! He is always willing to cuddle and love you! The only words he says right now is Dada! I am so excited to see what this little baby is going to become and let me tell you he is the baby of the family. If one of the kids takes a toy away he will cry and scream till he gets it back or until I pick him up. What a stinker! He knows how to work it! LOL! We love our little baby!

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  1. so cute! and he is walking fast! these kids are growing up way too fast. and that last picture of aubree...can you say jake all the way! there is surely no doubt that thats his daughter! it was fun seeing and playing w/ you guys. hope we can do it all again soon!! love ya! :)