Monday, January 17, 2011

Brayden has two nick names. One is Tater cause he loves potatoes and the other is bruiser cause he is always hitting his noggin. He fell off of the kitchen chair into another one and BOOM, a goose egg :( Poor baby was not happy! I was scared thinking he had a concussion. Boys are so tough!This is Miss Aubree ready for her first set of school pictures! they turned out so cute! I was very happy with them!

Aubree, Gunner and Brayden giving brotherly sisterly love! What a Treo!
Whats a day with out a sibling fight. Gunner was hit in the eye by a hot wheels car from Brayden. he got a black and blue eye and was swollen for a couple days!
Ha ha this must be a guy thing cause Jake sleeps like this all the time. His hand is guarding his "goods" Lol He does it all the time too! Like father like son :)

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