Monday, January 17, 2011

The kids had a blast! Here is Gunner and Aubree and cousin Rhianna!Brayden and Dyson! They are buddies!
Gunner showing me his muscles!
Aubree trying to go down the pole and Gunner just being Gunner! LOL
Brayden loves the slide...and behind him is cousin Kaitlyn.


  1. it was so fun seeing you guys this weekend! holy cow these kids dont stop growing! those pics were only like 3 months ago? and they all look much older now! hope we get to see you guys soon :)

  2. I know they are growing like crazy! I was happy to see you too. Life is just really crazy right now. I thought when your kids are in school you dont have as much on your plate.. WRONG :) I feel like I run constantly :)I hope to see you guys soon too!