Monday, January 17, 2011

Jake surprised me by coming home from Texas for my birthday! I was so excited. We never spend more than a day or two away from one another. He was in Texas for 3 weeks before I got to see him. I had an extremely hard time with it. But when he came home he decided to stay home and apply for Asarco mines again. Needless to say I was one happy WIFE!Aubree's Birthday in only a week after mine. Before we knew Jake was going to stay home we wanted to have her party while he was home. So we did ours together. She is 5 and mine is a secret :)
Birthday kissed!
Make a wish.....By the way mine came true when Jake decided to stay home.
I love little miss Aubree so much! She is so helpful with her brothers...most days....and is so smart. I know parents always say that but I know she is a little smart whip. She got lots of new clothes and tinker bell toys on her special day!

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