Monday, January 17, 2011

Aubree started school on August 13 2010. She started in Young while we stayed with my parents. We knew this year she would have to change schools so we could move to where Jake could go to work. This is grades k thru second. She did Ok at this school. But when you are thrown in a classroom full of first and second graders and just turning 5 was a big jump for her. I think the teacher expected way more out of her that she could give. Which caused a huge amount of tension. She cried and did not want to go to school. But when we moved to Casa Grande and she started at Heartland Ranch she did a complete 180 and has gotten two excellent report cards and is a happy and very smart little girl. Her teacher Mrs. Waltz is an amazing teacher and I appreciate her not giving up on my child. Aubree class in Young
On her first day of school she went up to the kids on the play ground and made friends right away.
Getting ready to leave the house to go to her first day of Kindergarten
Jake helping get Aubree back pack together
Aubree and Mommy getting her pencils ready. She was so nervous and excited. I think I was more scared and sad that my baby was going to start her first day of school. Holy cow where does the time go ? :/

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