Monday, March 1, 2010

The Labor and Delivery of Brayden Harmon Lee!

My dearest baby boy! I cant begin to tell you how much of a blessing you are in our lives. We found out that we were having a baby June of 2008! You were a very wanted surprise lets just leave it at that! (We will always have the memories at Knolls camping site in the White Mountains! ;) )Through all of the moving down to Arizona City you were ready to be born on Feb 27th of 2009! I went in to labor about 8 am on the morning of the 27th! I thought oh boy I better let your Daddy know so I can have him come home! So I called and he worked until about noon! My contractions kinda stopped so I really wasn't in to much of a hurry but knew that my other labors were super fast and my Dr was up in Gilbert! I did not want to have you in Casa Grande so we made arrangements to go to take your bro and sis to Aunt Mims house while Daddy and I went to the hospital! After about an hour they finally put me into a room when they knew I was in labor! Now I was thinking once they broke my water and put me on "pit" i would have you within an hour or two! Thats how fast my labors before had been! But oh no, you had to take your marry old time!! I was in labor with you for 19 hours! So you now were born on the 28th of February at 11:06 am (a day of sharing cause it is mine and your daddy's 5th wedding anniversary too!) I only had to push a couple times and there you were! Your were a perfect 8 lbs. 11 oz. and 21.7 inch long! I think all of the world was in the room while you were born! Every second was so beautiful! I would do it a billions times over! Daddy and I love you so much and everything you are and everything you will become! You are such a beautiful spirit and so loving and calm! We need a little calm in our household with your older brother around! LOL! Brayden we all love you and are so Happy you had a Happy first birthday! I am so excited to celebrate your life and so happy you are with us! With much love, your Mommy, Daddy, Aubree, and Gunner!
Getting a little catty!
Ok I am feeling the pain! Bring on the epidural! I actually was so afraid of getting the epidural this time!

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