Saturday, March 13, 2010

Whelp we made it to six years!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it babe? On our special day we were celebrating our babies first birthday as well. So it made it more difficult to share our anniversary how we normally do... going on a date or a concert or something out of the norm! But let me just say I will never ever stop loving you! No matter what day it is, our anniversary day or a Wednesday, my heart beats for you always! I knew after our first kiss we shared on Dec 4 2002 that you might be the one! And then only a short amount of time passed ( 3 weeks) and you told me you loved me! I remember that first kiss like it was yesterday! Your cute nose rubbing against mine and then you gave me the most soft and romantic kiss I have ever endured! You are such an amazing husband and best friend! But mostly the best Daddy anyone could ever ask for! You are a wonderful provider! No matter what our situation is you always find a way to make it work! Come sunshine or rain you are out there providing for us! I love everything about you...even your love and desire to be out on the golf coarse all the time! but seriously I will cherish every moment with you and cant wait to spend eternity with you! Happy 6th Anniversary!
Our third anniversary! ( Couldn't find the first or second anniversary pics....oh well) We look so different now!
Our Sixth anniversary celebrated in Las Vegas!

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