Monday, March 1, 2010

This is right after you were born.You just took your first breath! What a wonderful moment in a mothers life to hear her baby cry for the first time!
You being cleaned off and just as pink as a little piggy! You were not very happy! I think you could have stayed inside of me forever if you had it your way! You were very comfy in the womb!
Gunner and Brayden's first meeting! Let me just say Gunner was not fond of you at first! It took him some time to warm up to you! And to see mommy so swollen and hooked up to the machines scared him a little!
Aubree and Brays first meeting! She is so in love with you and loves little babies! She gets that from your Mommy! How she loves you so! She could not wait for you to be home!
Your very first bath!

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