Friday, June 11, 2010

My happy little boy is back! Gunner is just so happy now. He is having lots of fun swimming and playing and just cant get enough of his Daddy! He is such a big brother to Brayden and plays so good with him!

Here is Miss Aubree with the sun glasses that Granny and Papa Smith got her.
I absolutely love this picture. We waited about a week for this package to arrive and when it did i knew it would be CRAZY! This is a Package from Granny and Pappa, they got book, crayons, coloring book, jewelry for aubree, boys got police men ( which Gunner had tore all their limbs off in a matter of 5 min), yo yo's, activ books, jump ropes, etc. They had so much fun that the living room was covered in STUFF!~ They has so much fun and enjoyed it! Thank you Granny and Pappa!
This is there third package they recieved! This was from Grammie and Papa Mc Daniel! They are up in Alaska working for the summer and they sent the kids shirts! They love them so much and loved getting a letter! They are saving their money they got for a sunny day to go and get ice cream!This kids also got a package before Granny and Pappa which was from Papa and Grammie Lee. It was four YUMMY cup cakes and BUBBLES! They would play with those bubbles all day if they didnt run out! Thank you to all of our parents for loving us so much and being so amazing! We miss you!

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