Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brotherly sisterly love!!!
Gunner boy is just confused as to why we dont live in Az City anymore. He has not adjusted very well. But we try to explain to him that this in not a permanent move and we will be back in Az before we know it. I will have to deal with adjusting him to Az when we get back too! Poor little guy!
Bray has turned into this little ball of fire. He wants to do everything brother and sister do. When he cant, he throws a fit. He is so sweet too. I love my little bruiser!
Daddy teaching Gunner to arm wrestle!
All the kids on Cooper and Alis birthday. The little boys are crying cause we just threw a water balloon at them! They didnt like it that well. Now the girls and Gunner loved it!

So we have been in Pittsburgh for about 4 1/2 weeks now and we have experienced a lot of different weather. Its sunny and warm one day and 20 degrees cooler the next and rainy. Or Windy. Crazy!!!!!!!!! Its so green and beautiful here. The trees are amazing. I love the Ross Park mall right by us. I love Giant Eagle which is like a Safeway....they have a little day care center for the kids to play at while you shop...I love it. Well for the most part. Gunner is afraid I am going to leave him so he wont go in. Aubree loves it though. Aubree went to the library with Lonna and loves it. I need to get around to taking her and teaching her to read. We have been to the park and to the Station Square! There they have water fountains that will spray out of the fountain tank and it gets people wet. The kids ran right through it and again loved it! We go out and play in the grass a lot and play with Cooper and Ali...A LOT! Aubree cant stand to be away from her Ali. They are making up for lost time thats for sure. Now our boys don't get a long very well so they don't play as often. Lonna has got me into making bows for Aubree and I am working on a cute bow holder for her. One of these days I will get around to actually making them. I have some supplies but finding the time where I don't have silly little boys wanting to unroll all of my ribbon is rare! We are having so much fun being with our best friends again I cant explain how much we missed them. We are grateful to have them in our lives. Rock on PITTSBURGH!

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