Saturday, July 10, 2010

Leave it to Gunner! LOL he is so destructive and yet does it in a way that all I can do is laugh at him ;) People ask me how I do it, you know not go crazy!!! I do go crazy some days cause of this little boy! But do you see those dimples and cute little smile! Yup thats what makes it all better! This boy is so full of life that I cant punish him in everything he does ( he would be in time out for eternity.) We need to make a little room in our lives to just not be so serious and laugh ;)
Best Friends Forever! Aubree and Ali love LOve LOVE the fact that we are next door neighbors and that they can walk back and forth from one anothers Apt. They feel so grown up. Aubree tells me that we are moving to Heber to live by Ali again :) We will see my little dear!
My little corn shucker's!!!!

They loved doing this for mommy and I liked it too! I love when they are willing to help me in the kitchen with out making a mess ;0

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